5 Reasons We Witness So Little Common Sense In Government

How often have you observed, certain actions (or failure to take them), by those, serving as public officials, or in government representation, and thought, it just doesn’t make any sense? Anyone, who has taken the time, to study, examine, and review, history, recognizes, there have been many errors made, and while, making these errors in judgment, might be explainable, when they are done, for the first time, unless/ until, those serving in government, take the time, and make the effort, to relevantly learn, from the past, and not repeat the same mistakes! Today, perhaps more than ever before, in recent memory, we are witnessing, far less, common sense, than ever! With that in mind, this article will briefly examine, review, and discuss. 5 possible reasons, this is the case/ situation.1. Common sense is NOT very common!: Perhaps, one of the greatest oxymorons, is the expression, common sense! For example, voters continue electing individuals, who make empty promises, and flowery rhetoric, rather than someone, who might be better qualified, and actually serve their purposes! When the American public, elected Donald Trump, as President of the United States, in November, 2016, they voted, to a large degree, for his celebrity, supposed achievements in the private sector, and as a vote, in opposition to his opponent, and their perceptions, of the status quo! We’ve witnessed, while common sense tells us, our President, should serve all Americans, and his primary responsibility is to openly and faithfully serve the Constitution, Trump’s core supporters, buy – into his message, etc!2. Ego; self – interest; self – serving: Shouldn’t our leaders sublimate their egos, for the best interests of all Americans, and all the liberties and freedoms? Common sense should tell us, the American way, should be about its citizens, but, we continue to witness, politicians, proceed, according to their self – interests, personal agenda, and politics! As long as our system continues to be financed, as it is, elected officials, risk being overly influenced, by self – serving, and pleasing their donors!3. Politics over policy: We need to demand, our officials focus more on quality policy, rather than politics, and self – serving, political agendas!4. Lack of integrity: Nearly every study, and poll, indicates, so – called, public servants, receive the least respect, etc! Unless/ until, the American public, begins to demand, a higher degree of genuine integrity, nothing will change, for the better!5. Don’t learn lessons, from the past/ history: Until, those we elect, study and learn lessons, from the past, they will continue making the same mistakes, and errors! While this may seem obvious, when Americans elected President Trump, they were willing to elect, one of the least informed individuals, to ever serve in that position!Unfortunately, common sense is extremely rare, especially, when it comes, to those serving in government! Don’t we deserve better?

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